Our Wines


A tradition of quality enhanced by generations of winemaking.


The Icarus range. Named after the soaring mythical Greek character, the label is a reflection of the mountain peaks that surround the estate, the Lategan family’s passion for flight, and the driving pursuit of excellence that pervades Bergsig’s wines, from vine to bottle. The Icarus blends represent the pinnacle of blending craftsmanship in the Bergsig wine portfolio.

Lategan Reserve Wines

The Bergsig Estate Reserve Collection celebrates the unique Lategan family history, dating back to the early days of wine in the Cape of Good Hope. Padmos celebrates the sailing ship that brought the first Lategan to the shores of South Africa, launching a Heritage continued by other Lategan family, like Tant Anna, a Lategan great grandmother, praised by lady Anne Barnard in her diaries as a women of exceptional style and spirit and Oom Prop Lategan, a visionary farmer that guided Bergsig to becoming a prosperous estate with innovation and creativity. The vision of these ancestors , combines with the ideal climate and soil conditions of the Breede River Valley have resulted in exceptional wines celebrated worldwide.

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