Bergsig Estate is situated in one of South Africa’s most picturesque wine valleys: the Breedekloof Wine Valley.

Situated at the foot of two big mountain ranges - the Drakenstein and the Hex River Mountains - our vines are fed by water accumulated from mountain streams which can run throughout summer, as these mountains are often snow - capped in winter, storing a life source until the sun melts it into much-needed water for our grapes.

When not snow-capped, these mountains create a funnel effect, creating cooling winds that provide our vines with reprieve from the South African sun.

The Mountains fall to the valley floor, where they become ancient soil - some of the oldest in the world - creating a unique terroir which gives our wines their distinct taste.

At Bergsig we recognise this gift of nature, which is why conservation is a strong focus of the estate. We are IPW certified, meaning we embrace environmentally friendly farming methods. Over 437 hectares of mountain, river and valley terrain on our estate is protected and eliminated of alien species.

Open Hours: Mon-Fri: 08h00-17h00 / Sat & Public Holidays: 09h00-16h00
Email: Tel: +27 23 100 4856 Route 43, PO BOX 15, Breeriver, 6858